DynaRage Tube Compressor

Dynamics Compressor and Tube Distortion: a perfect blend! Load  DynaRage on your single tracks or on your Master Bus and add Flavor and  character to your mix! Learn more

SitBull Bass Amp

With its true-modeling Cabinet selection, Equalisator and hi-configurable parameters, you can reproduce whatever Bass sound you want: from subtle mid-sounding Funky imprinting to heavy and boomy Metal/Stoner flavors. Feel free to experiment with presets or just start tweaking yourself a brand new sound. "May the ancients" power be with you! Learn more

Holedo Tube Expander

Dynamics Expanders are the key in order to carefully process your  drums,  guitar, vocals and so on. Furthermore, they are precious tools in  your  mastering decks. ‎Holedo lets you add flavor, warm up your signal  and so  get rid of the unnecessary stuff, or maybe lower it if you are a little  bit  indulgent! Learn more