InstaGTR AU/VST for Mac and Win

Version History


  • Added Windows VST version
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Enhanced algorithms
  • Redesigned UI


  • First public release

Meet InstaGTR, easy yet powerful Guitar DSP Processor

For decades guitarists faced the problem of sculpting their sound with a plethora of effects. Next, with digital realm arrival, DSP processor got their point when talking about “portability”, but very often they do require much CPU calculation power and/or they are very difficult to set up before to get a real ground breaking result.

Now, with InstaGTR, you simply should turn your knob and set the amount applied to your guitar, and you are done!

A simple, clear yet functional UI (and thus UX) gives you the chance of tweaking your sound in only a second! And all this stuff for FREE.

InstaGTR is a stripped version of HymperiorX (coming soon) core, flasgship Guitar DSP Processor by Mr. Clercy. Its state-of-the-art algorithms are fine tuned in order to give you maximum fidelty, using minimum CPU consumption.