Developing vst and audio software: this is the mission of Mr. Clercy (devoloop).
In particular, we are focused in the creation of DSP audio algorithms, applications they are distributed on the market current platform: Desktop and Mobile.
We’ve been the first Italian developers included in the “Reason” universe, the famous Digital Audio Workstation made by the big company “Propellerhead”.
By years, this colossus deals with supply composition, arrangement and phony instruments towards the professionals of the music world.
Then, Mr. Clercy releases Rack Extensions (Reason’s plugin) to Propellerhead, and this takes care of include them into his online store of his own site.
It is an extremely rigid firm (for developers and for users too) and his target is highly “Pro” and it isn’t a rare case to find programmers or important artists that bring Propellerhead and Reason into their interviews.
In the last period, we decided to expand our operating range and join into the other markets (always in the audio environment), because we’ve thought we don’t want to stay statics or narrow-minded. So, we wanna create and experiment new products that could reach an extended number of musicians, phonics etc…
Consequently, we reprogrammed our Rack Extensions making plugin (VST, AU, AAX etc…) that they could be used in other DAW such as: Ableton, Logic, ProTools, Cubase, Reaper in order to allow to the “audiophiles” to get more help for their musical creations.
We focused particular attention on Mobile world.
Today is imperative, more than ever, give products and knowledge to the multitude of users they constantly call for them.
Places, informations, problem-solving, are and had to be within reach of all.
So, Mr. Clercy want to be a support to the performers they wanna record their exhibitions and have, at their fingertips, high quality DSP performing, express through an iPad or a Tablet.

Killer sound, easy to use, ready to rock'n'roll!


Mac OS X

At the moment only AU/VST version for Mac OS X are available. Windows version and other platforms: coming soon!

CPU Friendly, Killer sound

Only 12% with 8 instances on an Intel i5 CPU, simply to use: just turn the knob and Rock'n'Roll!

Energy Saving

Our state-of-the-art algorithms are enhanced in order to consume less energy than other plugins, just try by yourself!